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A candidate will have a proposer and seconder who know the candidate personally and who, between them, are aware of his or her service with the Corps and the individual’s present activities. The proposer and seconder should be prepared to answer the following questions:-

1. Would the candidate take an interest in the Blythe Sappers objectives and interests?

2. Would other members enjoy his or her company at these activities?

The procedure should begin with the proposer discussing the candidate’s qualifications with a Management Committee member. The candidate should then be invited to lunch by the proposer or seconder and should be introduced to at least two members of the Management Committee.

The proposal form should then be submitted to the Honorary Secretary. The candidate’s application will then be considered at the next meeting of the Management Committee and, if recommended for election, the candidate will be informed forthwith and the Council members informed at their next meeting.

We believe that our revised rules will allow the Blythe Sappers to remain as cheerful as the founding members would have wished. The only subject that the Society takes seriously to heart is the well-being of the Corps of Royal Engineers.

July 2006

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